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Areas of Expertise


Counselling is about giving you the environment to become your full potential by giving you the conditions to achieve this. How often were you told you can not do that?

This is about accepting you as you are, not judging you and believing the best of you.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Our brain, in many ways, is a machine. CBT gives us a framework to challenge some of that thought that limits us.

Thoughts are just thoughts, it's how we experience them that cause us problens.


From the first time a child sees it's parents smile it tries to please them and let's face it, our upbringing creates the backdrop to how we carry on living our lives. Sometimes looking back can help us give a fresh perspective on how we want to act now.


Fresh perspectives, challenging your blocks and helping you to move forward. 

Not how to do it but why not do it.


I have spent 30 years in the corporate world so have a reasonable understanding of the work pressures that may be facing you. Its doesn't mean it makes me better but it does mean I understand a little of the world you maybe in.


Training in therapy and psychotherapy gave me the skills to be able to deliver a solution that hopefully matches your need.

My Approach

I Specialise in dealing with men, why?

Well because

a) I am a man

b) because I can see the devastating effect that  keeping things in can do (look at the stats for Male Suicide)  

c) I think just talking about shit on your mind can make a real difference and finally

d) I think men need a slightly different approach personally

I have no magic, I do not know all the answers but hopefully, I can give you space to explore your world in a different way and look to the future with a little more hope.

Broadly I like to think that we first give you a place to let of steam, then we might dig around and see the issues that could be affecting you. We can then look to the future and leave with a toolkit of stuff to help you when times get tough.

I work with young adults, adults. Male or female but my focus is guys, 

Let's do this


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