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Here to work with you on the hard stuff

Hi, I'm Steve and I'd like to help you. If you landed here, you (or someone you care about) are having issues. We could label it, depression, anger, anxiety, midlife crisis, loss but I think we need to take the first step to uncover more about you and what's on your mind.

Never done this before? Nervous? This stuff is different because you will be in a place to be listened to, accepted for who you are. We can be curious together. I will see you as you. No baggage, no history, no consequence, no judgement. All with professional boundaries with you at the centre.

We can set goals on what you want and monitor how you are doing or just set a number of sessions to see if you can shift.

Professionally contained, protected, handled with care.


Contact me for a free, no-obligation 15mins, discovery video call

Real therapy, professionally contained, protected, handled with care.


Counselling, Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Coaching.

Thank you for finding me and I hope I can help. Please free free to explore my site but please, the most important step is your next one.

It may be something you have never done before but that's normal, it's about giving you a real-world professional contained space to explore your life. No BullShit.

Once you reach out I can me take it from there. 


Contact now for a FREE 15min no-obligation discovery session.

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Contact Me

 Let's start with a free 15-Minute Discovery session. We'll get to know each other over Zoom and we'll determine if working together is something we want to do. No charge. No obligation. Let's just chat for 15 minutes and see if we're a fit.

What is SO important is that you find the right person to work with, maybe it's me or someone else so please also explore other services and people available to assist you.

This is a massive investment for you and me and I will be honest with you if we can work together.

Good luck, you got this.

Stokenchurch Clinic

Currently Closed due to COVID restrictions but working with Zoom successfully.

Tel: +44 7732 85 26 93

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