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After spending 30 years in local and global business I decided to change my career.

I spent my spare time moving towards the latter decade doing something I had been passionate about since I really started work in the corporate world, helping people understand themselves better. I became a qualified PyscoTheraphist. I recognised a passion and saw where I wanted my career/passion/energy to be in the future.

"So what" you may say, well for me know I feel I am able to offer your SMB insight and access to the tools and resources of the mental well-being world with flexibility and affordability that suits your requirements. I understand both worlds. Available for staff training, HR assistance, and management help. 

Some areas I have expertise in;

- staff therapy

- wellbeing monitoring

- Mental Heal First Aider support (who is helping your first aiders?)

- Staff training

Drop me a note below and we can begin a conversation that could transform your staff's well-being.

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