Is telling people about your mental health a weakness or a strength?

-Does gender affect this?

-Would you tell your friends you were struggling to cope at the moment?

-Would you tell your boss?

I imagine if you had a sprained ligament from working out at the gym too hard that is something you would tell people but if you had been feeling down for a couple of weeks (not eating well, drinking too much, not sleeping and snapping at people) that may be a different issue right? Why is that?

I know from my experience when I was low, I knew in my heart there was an issue but I buried it, ignored the signs until things unravelled.


I thought I could fix it myself, I thought it would pass, I didn't want to seem weak

It took a trip to the doctors and my wife by side keeping me honest to the questions he was asking that saw a breakthrough and me getting the help I needed. I was depressed.

This led to an honest conversation at work and actions taken from me to recovery.

To be vulnerable is not a weakness, the honesty about this is a strength.

Why? Because it's bloody hard and as we know from physical workouts its the hard stuff that makes us stronger.

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