Frequently Asked Questions

What is therapy?

It's talking about the stuff you don't get to talk about in normal life. Talking to someone trained to actively listen to you, in private, in confidence, without judgement and without knowing the people involved.

Therapy is different for everyone and depends on your issues, situation and goals but it commonly involves understanding the past, looking at the present and bringing some of the unconscious blocks you have in life into your awareness.


It's not easy but then you have spent a lifetime creating ways to avoid this stuff. 

Confidential, with care.  

What is Coaching?

It may be more useful to say what it isn't, it's NOT passing on someone's experience (that's Mentoring).

It's not telling you what or how to do things.


Coaching is asking powerful questions to help fill the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

How much does it cost and how long will it take


These are common questions however if you think of what answer you would get if you asked the same of a personal trainer.

“Depends how much you put into it”

“Depends what your goals are and how fit you are now”


Flip this now to the mind and the answers are not dissimilar. In my experience, people tend to know after about 4 sessions if it's short term, long term or not for them.

If your goal is to reduce stress, normally a short programme of 6 sessions will see results.

If you are suffering from a deep emotional crisis then longer work, at least 20 sessions may be required.

If you have a relationship issue then, depending on nature, a medium course of 10 sessions may help.

If we are working week to week, each session is costed at £65.

Short or long term? Check this out

Can I get it on my Private Health/EAP?

Maybe, I have worked with many providers. Just ask them and pass them on my details

What about the NHS?

The NHS can refer you, often to Healthy Minds (a telephone CBT based service). Although different GP surgeries have different resources and funding available. See;

Also, try;

The NHS Provide good online help for Mental Health issues, see

How quickly can you see me?

I work privately, on my own and my availability is dependant on my client list. I will always be honest with you about if I have availability and can either refer you on or put you on my waiting list.

Are there people you don't deal with?

Whilst I specialise with male mental health, my training encompasses men and women and I tend to work with people over 16 years old.

If you have a more severe mental health illness then therapeutic work can be hampered and it is advisable to consult with your GP before reaching out.

What happens next?

Email, phone or text me. We can then arrange for a time to speak to first establish the work and my suitability.

Nervous about taking the first step?

It's entirely natural, the idea can feel intimidating, odd, strange, weird.

So if you want to kick off in a more familer setting why not ask for a video chat.

Need to to talk now Call 116 123

The Samaritans

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